Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Matter Cards

You Matter Cards
We have lots of visitors to our space. It is a true blessing that we get to share our journey with others. We love that we have connected with so many educators from our area, our state, and even from around the country!

We recently began leaving our visitors with a little something to remember us by. They are called "You Matter" cards. We can't take full credit for this brilliant idea. I read a different blog post on Twitter about a principal from a school that uses a similar card for the entire school! I believe he is working with the great Angela Maiers! Talk about making an impact with a small piece of paper! Think of the message he is sending to his entire community when they step foot in his school! Truly inspirational!

When we read this blog in late August, it was a little too late to start a school wide initiative. So, Kate and I decided to start small! We created our own version of "You Matter" cards.
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We want our visitors to know they are special. We want our visitors to know that staying connected is important to us. We want our visitors to know that we do what we do, because it is what is best for kids. We want them to know that their visit MATTERS to not only our journey in personalized learning, but also in the lives they will now go and impact on their own journeys. 

Our next bring "You Matter" to the kid level. Each student in our space has their own "square" in the hallway outside our doors. We are personalizing those squares with their pictures and work samples. Kate and I are also planning on leaving our students "You Matter" notes throughout the week. We want them to know how much they MATTER to us, as well! Our secret hope??--That it spreads like wildfire and kids start telling each other why they MATTER!

Everyone deserves to know they MATTER--no matter how big or how small--it feels good. It feels right. It is important to our well-beings. It is amazing how two little words can leave such a lasting impact.

Be sure to tell someone in your life that they MATTER to you! What impact can you make?


  1. You Matter to me, Angela! So glad to be on this crazy journey with you!

  2. My team is starting to bring in more visitors this year. We loved this idea and want to start implementing something like this for all the people that come to see what Team Explore is all about. Thank you for sharing!