Wednesday, October 15, 2014

QR Code Homework Help

We love QR codes...can we just start with that? We use them for SO many things! One of our favorite ways to use them is in Math Workshop. We often offer our students independent "May Do" activities with QR codes attached to check their work. We have done QR code scavenger hunts. They are so versatile! We are continually looking for new ways to use them!

As with any classroom, our students have trouble from time to time with their homework. The typical routine is that they contact Kate or I via Edmodo to ask for help. We often, then, would create Show Me videos from home to post back that would answer their questions. So, it got us thinking...why create the videos on the back end? Why not be proactive

Enter the glorious QR code! We decided to put QR codes on our math homework assignments that give one example or review crucial vocabulary from that mini-lesson!

An example of our QR code homework help

Each QR code links to a Show Me video, made on our iPads. We used PDF images from the textbook website and inserted them as images in the app. We then wrote over them and spoke using the app tools. You, then export the file ("publish" it). Copy that link and paste it into any QR Code Generator tool (online or via apps). Voila! You've got a QR code linked to a video!

From there, you can copy them, cut them out, paste them, etc. Or, for even easier application, print them on labels and have the students stick them on their own homework!

How do you use QR codes? Sound off below!

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