Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Collaboratively Working to Create a Colony

Earlier this quarter, our students studied the early English settlements and the many challenges they faced. After great discussions around why some settlements survive and some did not, the students had the opportunity to create their own colony. To begin this work, the students started the note taking process- they worked with their colony group to outline their motivation for colonizing, write a charter, and decide on the supplies they'll be taking on their journey.

Difficult decisions had to be made when the groups realized they could only carry 200lbs. of supplies with them.

The groups then chose a location, the responsibilities of all colonists, and looked at the necessary security and safety of their colonists. Diagramming their settlement and designing a flag was also done prior to work on their presentation.

Collaboration was key when it came to making their colony a success! Angela and I were super excited about their enthusiasm towards this inquiry project, and really impressed with the conversations we heard in their small groups.

~ Kate

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