Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reading Learning Model

Needless to say, we've been inspired and humbled by how our idea of "Learning Models" has spread far and wide! We recently posted about math learning models in our classroom, as well as math learning models done by our kindergarten friends. Last month, some of our fourth grade friends even tried out a reading learning model for their character unit. This got our wheels turning, as well! How could we take these ideas and apply them to our own reading? The result:

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 Just like our math learning models, we gave the students choice in how they demonstrated it.
We also introduced them to a new tool: ZOOBURST. Zooburst is a cool tool that allows kids to make their own 3-D pop up book. It is reasonably priced, as well. It cost $50 for 250 student accounts. It is a great thing to share across a grade level or two! Not many of our students chose this option this time--it might have been too much "new" at once--but they were very excited to explore it on their own!

We encouraged our students to choose two texts on the same topic. We allowed them to use books, reputable online resources, reputable videos, and magazines. They, then, needed to show proficiency in 4 main standards: 5.RI.1, 5.RI.2, 5.RI.4, and 5.RI.6. We also provided some "bonus, optional" opportunities with standards 5.RI.5 and 5.RI.8. (a 4-point rubric is included in the document for all 6 standards).

At first, it was hard for them. They struggled trying to envision how they could put it all together. We think their brains were just so "wired" to do math learning models (which are much more black and white!). So, we created an example together. Click the pic to see the full model:

Once we went over the example, they had a better idea of how to start. Off they went to put their own spin on things! They came up with some amazing projects! Here are a few examples:

Wow! They truly blew us away with their creativity, the topics they chose, and their deep understanding of the standards!

Have you used learning models yet? How do you envision connecting them to your content? Sound off below!

Happy Teaching!

~Angela :)


  1. Great project. If your student Miss. Lu is really interested in the recent history of polio, she might check out the movie Afternoon of a Faun: Tanquil Le Clerc. It is a documentary on Netflix about a Balanchine Ballerina in the 1950s who contracted polio, her treatment and her life.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! We'll pass it on to her!